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“W Palermo and Santa Rosalia! ” is the only phrase you will hear on July 14th… … but let’s try to understand why this great devotion to the Saint has been going on for more than three centuries… On February 13, 1625, Santa Rosalia appeared on Mount Pellegrino to a man who lived in the Monte di Pietà district, who wanted to commit suicide because of the death of his fifteen-year-old wife. The Saint stopped him and told him that only if her remains had been taken in the procession and the “Te Deum Laudamus” had been sung, the plague would end, as the Virgin mary had said and promised. The man called his confessor, as Santa Rosalia had told him, and confessed everything he had seen….

Panelle, crocchè and pani ca meusa…


Panelle, crocchè and pani ca meusa, sounds familiar when talking about Palermo? Our beautiful city, rich in history and art, offers an alternative way to discover the culture and traditions of Palermo: food! Today, I want to recommend 3 traditional dishes that you must try during your stay: panelle, crocchè and pani ca meusa . It was the Arabs, rulers of Sicily between the ninth and eleventh century, great gastronomic experts, to start grinding the seeds of chickpeas to obtain a flour that mixed with water and cooked over fire ended in a kind of raw dough … In time, the “panellari” masters from Palermo began to fry the dough and the first “panella” of the modern era was invented! It was a very poor dish eaten by…

#sempreaperti Massimo Theater


The Massimo Theater is the biggest opera house in Italy and the third in Europe and was designed by architect G.B. Basile and his son Ernesto and built between 1875 and 1891. The style is eclectic Neoclassical, with a majestic staircase at the sides of which are placed two bronze powerful lions: one of them is the allegory of the Tragedy (opera by Civiletti), the other one of the Lyric (opera by Rutelli). From Dec.22 to Dec.29 , you can visit the Massimo Theater by night for just 1€ …it will be open until midnight! Wanna make this night tour more fun? Take part at the Photo Contest. How? Simply by taking pics of the inside of the theater (during these special nights) and posting them on Facebook…

Palermo Street Food Fest… let the party begin!


Sfincione, panino with milza, arancina, panella… from Dec.15th to Dec.18th 2016, Palermo will become a heady open air kitchen where you can taste and experience flavors and culinary traditions from all over the world. The so “addisiato” (sicilian for “greatly desired”) international street food festival has officially begun and we are happy to be in the center of this tasty event!



A bit tired of the city heat? Experience the cool and crisp air of ” Murriali ” ( Monreale in Sicilian) . Only 18km from Palermo and 300m above sea level, this beautiful and charming Norman town, offers the opportunity to admire one of the most fascinating UNESCO Human Heritage sites in Sicily: the “Duomo of Monreale”. After visiting the inside of the Cathedral, illuminated by glittering gold mosaics, you can still admire the façade while tasting a fresh and thirst-quenching granita at Bar del Sole . It’s time for dinner? Checkout Totò for a great and tasty pizza!



Wanna spend a few hours or an entire day immersed in the seaside atmosphere, comfortably lying on a sunbed just 10m from the sea? Mondello Beach is the perfect place for you! Just 11km from the city center, easily accessible by public transport, Mondello offers the opportunity to experience the Island with all the comfort and amenities of the city! Crystal clear sea, beach bars, shops, ice-cream parlors and some of the best fish restaurants in town… What more could you ask for?! Oh, please, don’t forget your sunscreen !



Palermo is the city of the Land of the Sun, so it’s impossible not to walk through its narrow streets and alleys, without wearing a hat to protect yourself from the sunlight. Wanna know where to buy the typical Sicilian “coppola” (cloth cap) ? In front of our location you can find “Il Cappellaio Matto” (The Mad Hatter). The name of the” Putia ” ( Sicilian for shop) says it all! The owner is a friend of ours, a very ingenious man, just like his creations . Yes, because all the cloth caps are custom made: there’s one for everyone! From the most classic styles to the most fancy ones … you ‘ll be spoiled for choice! And if you cannot find anything you like…